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What is PDO threads:

PDO threads lift, tighten, and contour your face and body
Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are dissolvable sutures used to restore collagen and visibly lift the skin. PDO thread lifting is a minimally invasive treatment with little to no downtime. PDO threads are used to achieve a non-surgical mini and neck facelift to restore youthful contours of the face by mechanically lifting the skin.

Avoid the pain and down time of surgery with a PDO thread lift. PDO threads are used to lift and contour areas of the body such as sagging skin on the abdomen, knees, arms, and breasts. A non-surgical nose job can be achieved with PDO threads resulting in a narrower, straighter nose with a lifted nasal tip.

Results of threading are immediate and noticeable and will be even more noticeable within two weeks when swelling and potential bruising have resolved.

What are the benefits

Lifting PDO threads gather adipose tissue to lift sagging skin. This technique produces dramatically immediate results of a lifted, rejuvenated appearance. In the months after a PDO thread lift the body starts to produce more collagen in the tracks where the threads were placed, ultimately producing better long-term results, giving you more bang for your buck.

Different types of PDO threads are used depending on the areas we are treating. For the treatment of areas such as the eyebrows, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and the jowls, barbed threads would be used to achieve a lift. In those areas that need a mesh filling to achieve an instant plump of the area, we use smooth mono threads, these areas include the forehead, smile lines, frown lines, and tear troughs. Smooth mono threads are commonly used to treat acne scars, and sagging skin on the abdomen, above the knees, and upper arms.

What to expect

A consultation with one of our providers will be necessary to gather information and determine what your appearance goals are. Our provider will assess your skin and decide if you are a candidate for a PDO thread lift.

Before the PDO thread lift, we ask you to avoid alcohol, tobacco, and any medications that can thin out blood a few days before.
If you are a good candidate a topical numbing agent and a local anesthetic will be applied to
the treatment area for comfort throughout the procedure. A small needle is used to create an entrance port for the cannula which holds the thread. A cannula is a blunt needle that is inserted into the appropriate layer of skin, the threads are barbed and act as anchors as the skin is lifted. Once we achieve the desired lift the cannula is removed and the excess thread is cut off.

When the procedure is complete, we clean the area and apply a tiny band-aid over the port of entrance.
The treatment typically takes around an hour and you can go about your day after the procedure. Mild tenderness may be experienced after the procedure for a few days.
Some bruising and swelling is expected a few days after the treatment.

We recommend avoiding any strenuous exercise, and any exposure to extreme heat for the first two weeks following the procedure. A follow-up visit will be scheduled with a provider two weeks after the procedure.

Why Beso Wellness and Beauty for PDO Thread Lifts:

The providers at Beso Wellness and Beauty are trained and certified in PDO thread lifts and mono threads for tightening by the experts of MINT. Our providers have treated countless clients to achieve their desired look. The providers at Beso Wellness and Beauty prioritize patient safety and satisfaction above all.

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