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At Beso Wellness and Beauty, we redefine healthcare and aesthetic treatments in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale. Our concierge medicine service exemplifies personalized healthcare, blending advanced medical aesthetics with comprehensive wellness support. We understand that every individual’s health and beauty needs are unique, and our tailored approach ensures you receive the utmost care and attention.

Why Choose Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine at Beso offers a harmonious balance of premium healthcare and aesthetic wellness. Our services are designed to provide a seamless, luxurious experience, ensuring you receive the best care without the wait or hassle of traditional medical settings. Our plans are comprehensive, covering everything from routine health checks to advanced medical aesthetics procedures, all under one roof.

Silver Wellness Plan

Our Silver Wellness Plan is the perfect introduction to concierge medicine, offering essential health services with a touch of luxury:

  • Annual physical exams and in-office blood draws.
  • 10% discounts on specialty labs, medical aesthetics, pain management, and sexual wellness therapies.
  • Standard access to our 24/7 text communication with providers.
  • Priority scheduling for same- or next-day appointments and telemedicine services.

Gold Comprehensive Plan

The Gold Plan takes wellness a notch higher:

  • Extended annual physical exams and priority blood draws.
  • 15% discounts on specialty labs, medical aesthetics, pain management, and sexual wellness treatments.
  • Enhanced access for 24/7 provider communication.
  • One complimentary IV therapy per month, with additional IV therapies at a 10% discount.
  • Included pap smear and mammogram referrals for women.
  • Priority scheduling for urgent appointments and telemedicine services.

Platinum Elite Plan

Our most exclusive Platinum Elite Plan offers unparalleled care:

  • Comprehensive annual physical exams with advanced screenings.
  • 20% discounts on specialty labs and all our medical aesthetic services.
  • Premium 24/7 text access to providers.
  • One complimentary IV therapy per month, plus 15% off additional treatments.
  • Guaranteed same- or next-day appointments.
  • Pap smears and mammogram referrals for women, with priority scheduling.

Benefits Across All Plans

Across all plans, members enjoy:

  • Discounts on our wide range of medical aesthetics services, including Botox, dermal fillers, and more.
  • Access to innovative pain management and sexual wellness therapies.
  • Bespoke health monitoring and management, tailored to your unique needs.


What differentiates Beso’s concierge medicine from traditional healthcare?

Our concierge service provides personalized care, minimal wait times, and access to a range of exclusive health and aesthetic services.

Are aesthetic services included in the concierge plans?

Yes, all our plans offer discounts on medical aesthetics services.

How do I choose the right plan for me?

Our team can help assess your needs and lifestyle to recommend the most suitable plan.

Beso’s Holistic Approach to Medical Aesthetics

At Beso Wellness, we believe in a holistic approach that integrates medical expertise with aesthetic artistry. Our concierge medicine service is just one aspect of our commitment to your overall well-being. Whether you’re looking for advanced skin treatments, body contouring, or wellness therapies, our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way.

Embrace a new level of personalized healthcare and aesthetic elegance with Beso Wellness and Beauty’s Concierge Medicine. Contact us today to learn more about our exclusive plans and begin your journey to optimal health and beauty in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale.


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