P-Shot Training Program for Medical Professionals

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P-Shot Training: Empowering Medical Professionals with Advanced Techniques for Male Enhancement

The P-Shot, also known as the Priapus Shot, is a revolutionary treatment that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to enhance sexual performance and treat erectile dysfunction. This innovative technique has been gaining popularity among men seeking non-invasive solutions for their sexual health concerns.

At Beso Academy of Medical Aesthetics and Wellness, we offer a comprehensive training program that equips medical professionals with the skills and knowledge required to provide this cutting-edge treatment.

The P-Shot Training offered by Beso Academy of Medical Aesthetics and Wellness covers a comprehensive curriculum that includes both theoretical and practical aspects of the procedure.


The curriculum is designed to help medical professionals gain the necessary knowledge and skills required to perform the P-Shot procedure safely and effectively. Here’s an overview of the curriculum:

  • Introduction to the P-Shot
    The course begins with an introduction to PRP therapy, including its history, mechanism of action, and the scientific evidence behind its use. Trainees will learn how PRP is extracted and prepared from the patient’s own blood and how it can be used to promote healing and regeneration in the tissues of the penis.
  • Anatomy and Physiology
    One of the essential topics covered in the course is the anatomy of the penis. This module includes a detailed review of the anatomy of the penis, including the structure and function of the penile tissues, nerves, and blood vessels. This knowledge is critical to understanding how PRP therapy can be used to improve sexual function and treat conditions like erectile dysfunction.
  • Patient Evaluation and Consultation
    Patient selection and consultation is another crucial component of the training. Trainees will learn how to identify suitable candidates for P-shot therapy, perform a comprehensive medical history and examination, and obtain informed consent from patients.
  • PRP Preparation and Administration
    This section covers the process of preparing PRP from a patient’s blood, including centrifugation, activation, and administration. It also covers the various injection techniques that can be used for the P-Shot procedure. The P-shot injection technique is a core component of the training. Trainees will receive hands-on training on how to perform the P-shot injection safely and effectively. This module includes instruction on needle placement, injection depth, and volume of injection. Trainees will also learn how to use ultrasound guidance to optimize needle placement and ensure accurate injection of PRP into the targeted tissues.
  • Post-Procedure Care and Follow-Up
    Post-treatment care and follow-up is another essential topic covered in the training. Trainees will learn how to monitor patients’ progress after P-shot therapy, including how to manage post-treatment discomfort and potential complications.
  • Marketing strategies
    Finally, the curriculum includes marketing strategies for P-shot therapy. Trainees will learn how to effectively market and promote P-shot therapy to their patients, including how to use social media, website optimization, and patient education materials to attract and retain patients.

In addition to the curriculum, the P-shot Training program also offers various benefits to the trainees. These include:

  • License to Use The Procedure Trademark
    Upon completion of the training, the trainees will receive a license to use the P-shot trademark, which will allow them to perform the procedure under the brand name.
  • Instructional Videos of Procedures Performed
    The trainees will have access to instructional videos that demonstrate the P-shot injection technique, allowing them to review and reinforce what they learned during the training.
  • Listing on Dr. Runels’ Provider Directory
    Trainees will have the opportunity to be listed on Dr. Charles Runels’ provider directory, which will enable them to connect with potential patients seeking P-shot Therapy.
  • Patient Consent Forms & Protocol Guides
    The trainees will receive patient consent forms and protocol guides, which will assist them in conducting consultations and providing treatment.
  • List of Materials & Suggested Sources
    The trainees will receive a comprehensive list of materials and suggested sources needed to perform P-shot Therapy.
  • Monthly Webinars with Dr. Charles Runels
    The trainees will have the opportunity to attend monthly webinars with Dr. Charles Runels, where they can receive updates on the latest developments in P-shot Therapy and ask any questions they may have.
  • Marketing Tips & Strategies from Dr. Runels
    The trainees will also receive marketing tips and strategies from Dr. Charles Runels, which can help them promote their P-shot Therapy services to potential patients.
  • Access to Dr. Runel’s Personal Cell Phone
    Trainees will have direct access to Dr. Charles Runels’ personal cell phone number, allowing them to reach out to him for any assistance or advice they may need.
  • A Community Dedicated to Regenerative Medicine
    Trainees will also have access to a community of medical professionals dedicated to regenerative medicine, allowing them to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Overall, the P-shot Training program by Beso Academy of Medical Aesthetics and Wellness offers medical professionals an opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge in the field of regenerative medicine and PRP therapy. The comprehensive curriculum, combined with the various benefits offered, makes this training program an ideal choice for medical professionals looking to add P-shot Therapy to their practice.

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