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Expand your medical expertise in Scottsdale, Glendale, and Phoenix with the cutting-edge O-Shot Training program at Provider Training of Medical Aesthetics and Wellness.

Aspiring medical practitioners in Phoenix and surrounding areas can delve deep into the realm of regenerative medicine treatments. Certified instructors from the Cellular Medicine Association spearhead the training, imparting crucial knowledge about the O-Shot procedure. From the nuances of patient assessment in Scottsdale to mastering injection techniques in Glendale, the curriculum is a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience.

Curriculum Overview:

  • Understanding the O-Shot: Dive into the science of the O-Shot. Grasp the role of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in regenerative medicine and its potential in enhancing sexual function and satisfaction in women.
  • Assessment and Patient Counseling: Learn to discern ideal candidates for the O-Shot procedure. Equip yourself with techniques to elucidate the procedure’s benefits and risks to your patients.
  • Mastering Injection Techniques: Harness expertise in a variety of injection methods, tailoring each O-Shot procedure to the patient’s needs.
  • Post-O-Shot Care: Understand the intricacies of post-treatment care, from scheduling follow-up appointments to managing any potential complications.

Exclusive Benefits for Trainees:

  • Trademark Licensing: Earn the privilege to use the coveted O-Shot procedure trademark, amplifying your practice’s marketing prowess.
  • Instructional Video Access: Delve into a treasure trove of instructional videos, showcasing real-time O-Shot procedures for enhanced learning.
  • Dr. Runels’ Provider Directory: Secure a coveted spot on Dr. Charles Runels’ esteemed provider directory, a surefire way to magnetize potential patients.
  • Streamlined Treatment Protocols: Gain access to standardized patient consent forms and protocol guides, ensuring an efficient treatment experience.
  • Essential Materials List: Time is of the essence. Receive a list of essential materials and trusted sources, expediting your O-Shot procedure preparation.
  • Monthly Interactive Webinars: Engage in monthly webinars helmed by Dr. Charles Runels, ensuring your queries about the O-Shot procedure are addressed.
  • Marketing Mastery: Imbibe invaluable marketing insights from Dr. Runels, sculpting a robust promotional strategy for the O-Shot procedure.
  • Direct Access to Dr. Runels: Elevate your support with direct access to Dr. Charles Runels’ personal cell phone, ensuring assistance is just a call away.
  • A Regenerative Medicine Fraternity: Step into a vibrant community of medical professionals in Phoenix, sharing an unwavering dedication to the growth of regenerative medicine.

In essence, Provider Training of Medical Aesthetics and Wellness’s O-Shot Training program in Phoenix is the beacon for medical professionals striving to excel. This program is a holistic amalgamation of thorough curriculum, practical exposure, and benefits that enhance your practice manifold.

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