O-Shot Training Program for Medical Professionals

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O-Shot Training Program: Expand Your Skills and Offer Cutting-Edge Treatment to Your Patients

If you’re a medical professional looking to expand your skills and offer a cutting-edge treatment to your patients, the O-Shot Training program by Beso Academy of Medical Aesthetics and Wellness might be just what you need.

The training is conducted by certified instructors from the Cellular Medicine Association and covers everything you need to know about the O-Shot procedure, from patient selection and preparation to injection techniques and post-treatment care. The curriculum includes both theoretical and practical components, so you’ll get plenty of hands-on experience working with real patients under the guidance of experienced trainers.


Here’s a breakdown of the curriculum:

  • Introduction to the O-Shot Procedure
    You’ll learn about the science behind the O-Shot, including the role of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in regenerative medicine, and how the O-Shot works to improve sexual function and satisfaction in women.
  • Patient Selection and Preparation
    You’ll learn how to assess patients for candidacy for the O-Shot procedure, how to counsel them on the benefits and risks of the treatment, and how to prepare them for the injection.
  • Injection Techniques
    You’ll learn the various injection techniques used for the O-Shot procedure, including the vaginal and clitoral approaches, and how to customize the treatment for each patient.
  • Post-Treatment Care
    You’ll learn about the aftercare instructions for patients who have undergone the O-Shot procedure, including follow-up appointments, and how to manage any potential complications.

In addition to the comprehensive curriculum, the O-Shot Training program also offers a range of benefits to participants, including:

  • License to Use The Procedure Trademark
    Participants will receive a license to use the O-Shot procedure trademark in their practice, which can be a valuable marketing tool.
  • Instructional Videos of Procedures Performed
    Participants will have access to a library of instructional videos showing the O-Shot procedure being performed on actual patients, which can be a helpful resource for learning and review.
  • Listing on Dr. Runels’ Provider Directory
    Participants will be listed on Dr. Charles Runels’ provider directory, which can help attract new patients.
  • Patient Consent Forms & Protocol Guides
    Participants will receive a set of patient consent forms and protocol guides to help streamline the treatment process.
  • List of Materials & Suggested Sources
    Participants will receive a list of recommended materials and sources for the O-Shot procedure, which can save time and effort in sourcing supplies.
  • Monthly Webinars with Dr. Charles Runels
    Participants will have access to monthly webinars hosted by Dr. Charles Runels, where they can ask questions and get further guidance on the O-Shot procedure.
  • Marketing Tips & Strategies from Dr. Runels
    Dr. Charles Runels will share his marketing tips and strategies for promoting the O-Shot procedure, which can be a valuable resource for building your practice.
  • Access to Dr. Runel’s Personal Cell Phone
    Participants will have access to Dr. Charles Runels’ personal cell phone number, so they can reach out to him with any questions or concerns.
  • A Community Dedicated to Regenerative Medicine
    Participants will join a community of medical professionals who are dedicated to regenerative medicine and committed to advancing the field.

In conclusion, the O-Shot Training program by Beso Academy of Medical Aesthetics and Wellness is a comprehensive and valuable training opportunity for medical professionals who want to expand their skills and offer the latest in regenerative medicine to their patients. With a thorough curriculum, hands-on experience, and a range of benefits, this program is a great investment in your practice.

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