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What Is Functional & Integrative Telemedicine?

Functional and Integrative Medicine is patient-centered and whole-person healthcare that combines conventional medicine and alternative therapies when treating patients. It focuses on the patient and long-lasting solutions embracing the body’s self-healing capacity and emphasizing the importance of lifestyle to enhance health. Telemedicine allows patients to interactively communicate with a healthcare provider using technology and provides those solutions without the physical commutes and waiting rooms. Functional & Integrative Telemedicine at Beso Wellness (FIT for short) combines the intelligence of modern technology and telecommunications with expert providers highly trained in functional and integrative medicine to fully assess every aspect of patients’ health. The providers at Beso Wellness Clinic have embraced this form of medicine to serve those that want a new approach to medicine.

What Are The Benefits of Telemedicine?

While Telemedicine is not meant to replace face-to-face visits with your doctor and should not be used in emergency situations, it does have some undeniable benefits:

  • No need to take time off work or school.  
  • All from the privacy and comfort of your home or office location.
  • Useful for simple issues (like colds and flu, insect bites, sore throats, diarrhea, and pink eye ), follow-up consultations, prescription refills
  • Lower cost
  • Medical access for people without easy access to doctors (for example vacation)
  • Allows patients to avoid exposure to viruses and germs
  • Easier access to preventive care

Telemedicine With Beso Wellness

Thanks to today’s technology, Beso Wellness Center can provide its patients with health and wellness care services from almost anywhere. If you can’t make it to the office, one of our providers can meet with you through a virtual care visit. All that is needed is for you to have either a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection.

Beso Wellness and Beauty’s virtual care services allow patients to receive high-quality medical consultations remotely. With our virtual appointments, you can meet with our providers for wellness consultations, medication management, follow-ups, diagnostics, treatment, prescriptions, nutritional consultation, weight loss, medical aesthetics , and more. All you need to do to receive a virtual care consultation is to schedule either call our office or fill out the Contact Us form.


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