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About Our Academy

Welcome to Beso Academy, your gateway to mastering the art and science of wellness and medical aesthetics. As an extension of the renowned Beso Wellness and Beauty, our academy proudly serves not only Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale but also welcomes aspiring professionals from across the United States and around the globe. We offer a comprehensive range of courses designed to empower healthcare providers with cutting-edge skills and knowledge in this rapidly evolving field.

Global Training, Local Expertise: Comprehensive Courses for All

Beso Academy stands at the forefront of educational excellence, blending local expertise with a global perspective. Our courses are meticulously structured to provide an immersive experience that marries theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical skills, guided by industry leaders and utilizing the latest technology.

Listing of Courses Offered

  • P-shot Course: Dive into the world of male sexual wellness with our P-shot training. This course offers detailed insights into the procedure, patient assessment, and post-treatment care.
  • O-shot Course: Specialize in female sexual wellness with the O-shot course, focusing on techniques, patient comfort, and effective results.
  • Beginner Filler Injector Course: Ideal for newcomers, this course covers the basics of injectables, including types, techniques, and safety protocols.
  • Advanced Filler Injector Course: A step beyond the basics, this course delves into complex injection techniques and handling challenging cases.
  • Lip Augmentation Training: Master the art of lip enhancement with detailed training on aesthetics, balance, and precision.
  • Comprehensive Hair Restoration Training: This course covers various hair restoration techniques, including PRP and advanced methodologies.
  • PRP Orthopedics Course: Learn the nuances of PRP in orthopedics, focusing on pain management and joint rejuvenation.
  • Vampire Procedures Course: A suite of courses covering Vampire Facial, Facelift, Breastlift, and Hair Restoration, offering in-depth training on these popular treatments.
  • Hormone Optimization Training: Understand the intricacies of hormone balance and optimization for overall wellness and vitality.
  • Functional Lab Testing Course: Gain expertise in interpreting lab results and incorporating them into treatment plans for holistic care.
  • Beginner Botox Injection Course: Learn the basics of Botox injections, focusing on facial anatomy, dosing, and patient safety.
  • Advanced Botox Injection Course: Advanced strategies and techniques for experienced practitioners to refine their Botox injection skills.
  • Trigger Point Injections Course: This course offers practical knowledge on managing musculoskeletal pain through effective trigger point injections.
  • Sexual Wellness and Aesthetic Training: A comprehensive course that addresses both sexual wellness and aesthetic treatments, providing a holistic approach to patient care.

Embracing a World of Learning Opportunities

At Beso Academy, we recognize the diverse needs of our students, whether they’re local healthcare professionals or international practitioners seeking advanced training. Our curriculum is tailored to meet these varied requirements, ensuring each student achieves their fullest potential.

Advanced Learning Techniques for a Global Audience

Our teaching methods are designed to cater to a wide range of learning styles and backgrounds. We emphasize interactive and experiential learning, making our courses accessible and engaging for everyone, regardless of their geographical location.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Learning Without Borders

Our training facilities boast the latest in medical aesthetic technology, providing an unparalleled learning environment. For our international students, we offer virtual tours and online resources to ensure they feel part of the Beso Academy family, no matter where they are.

Welcoming a Global Cohort: Faculty of Experts

Our faculty comprises professionals who are not just experts in their fields but also adept at addressing the unique challenges faced by both local and international medical aesthetics practitioners.

Global Networking and Career Opportunities

Joining Beso Academy means becoming part of a global network of medical aesthetics professionals. We facilitate connections and opportunities that transcend geographical boundaries, enhancing career prospects worldwide.


Who can enroll in Beso Academy courses?

Our courses are designed for healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and aestheticians, looking to expand their skills in medical aesthetics.

What certifications will I receive?

Upon successful completion of a course, students receive a certification from Beso Academy, recognized in the field of medical aesthetics and wellness.

How practical is the training?

We emphasize hands-on training, ensuring that our students gain practical experience in a supervised and safe environment.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling?

Some advanced courses may require prior experience or basic knowledge in the field. Please check the specific course requirements on our website.

Can these courses help in career advancement?

Absolutely. Our courses are designed to enhance your skills and knowledge, making you more competitive in the field of medical aesthetics.

Your Pathway to Global Excellence in Medical Aesthetics and Wellness

Whether you’re in Phoenix, elsewhere in the U.S., or anywhere in the world, Beso Academy is your stepping stone to excellence in medical aesthetics. We invite you to explore our courses and join a community of professionals redefining wellness and beauty standards globally. Enroll now and redefine your career in medical aesthetics and wellness.

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